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How to Calculate the ROI for Your Animated Videos

One of the most effective ways to convey what your solution or product is all about and to reach customers with engaging and highly accessible brand content is to use animated videos. But no matter how engaging and creative they may be, ultimately the bottom line is to convert prospects into sales and leads.

Animated videos typically are at the top of your sales and marketing funnel. It is the type of content that your business can use for pay per click campaigns and share on your social media accounts. The best animated videos are able to speed up the sales cycle process from prospect into leads into sales.

“In order to measure the ROI on animated videos, it is essential to understand where your videos are located in your overall marketing funnel,” says a video campaign manager at Fat Free Media. The necessary metrics for measuring ROI include the number of total views, length of views, and click through rate – how many times a viewer clicks on your Call To Action (CTA) and visits a landing page. Those measurements can give you a good idea of how engaging your content is, but it does depend on having some other things put into place, including:

Proper SEO

When you upload your animated video on YouTube or other video platforms, you need to ensure they are properly optimised for the search engines. Videos are always ranked higher by Google compared to other types of content, but only if they are optimised using the right keywords that are related to the content in your video.

Promotion on Social Media

You can use YouTube to help your prospects organically find your videos. However, you also need to use other channels to promote them actively to individuals who are engaged with your company and brand already, along with their associates and contact. Your favourite social media channels can be used to build momentum for your animation. You should also consider using social media advertising in order to get your videos in front of a highly targeted audience.

Connection to a Landing Page

You ultimately want prospects to watch your video and then take your desired action by clicking on your link that takes them to the relevant landing page. In general, your website’s home page isn’t the best place for directing prospects – particularly if you have different target audiences and various solutions that you offer. Instead, be sure that your landing page aligns with and is relevant to your video content. For instance, use the same graphics and colours – so that your prospects will know they have come to the right place.

So how can you know whether or not your animated video is making a positive impact on your sales? You might notice right away in some cases, if an increase in sales cannot be associated with any other marketing or advertising activities.

A majority of companies will participate in various marketing activities so it is important for you to understand whether or not the animation is making a contribution to your sales. Things such as directing watchers over to a unique landing page from a video can help you determine whether or not visits are coming specifically coming from the activity. Tracking pixels can be used to help with measuring results as well.

How to Work Out ROI

The final thing you need to do is calculate your ROI. To work out the ROI on your animated videos, the first thing you will need to do is total all of the content’s expenses and profits and then crunch the numbers.

The way your profits are calculated will depend on what attribution model you are using. For example, if your video’s object is raising awareness or generating leads, then you will have to make your calculations based on what those actions are worth to your business.

Also be sure to understand what your investment costs are. That isn’t only the amount of the invoice from the video production company. It might include internal resources, time spent by your social media agency on promoting the content, PPC campaigns, and paid distribution costs.

Ultimately, generating a positive ROI on your animated videos all comes down to getting videos created that are engaging for your target audience and motivate them to take action. However, it is also important to support the videos by making sure they reach your target audience, that you find the right channels for sharing your videos on, and that you take a proactive approach to maximising your ROI and recouping your investment.