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Watching movies online free of cost from the comfort of your home is a very easy way to see the movies right from your own house. One doesn’t need to be at a movie theater or set a special device to watch these free online movies. You can stream them online free of cost on your TV, smart phone, computer or any smart device all you need is an internet connection.


While there are many ways and places where you can watch movies online free streaming, you need to be careful in what you choose. Putlocker offers you one of the best arrays of movies to choose from. So many genres of movies are available from action movies to western movies. It is all dependent on what you are in mood for.

They also have genres like reality, romance, kids, sci-fi and many more unusual genres that you can think of. This kind of classification makes it easy for you to choose the right kind of movie. For example, when you click on the biography genre you can find classics like the man who invented Christmas or even Karl Marx. This are gold films hard to find in your general internet search engines. These are not short clips from the movie or just trailers, the website carries full length movies which can be found in one place.

Before you start watching:

When you just click on the title that interests you, you can find a brief but very useful summary of the movie you might be contemplating to choose. Like this small box can give you a dearth of information about the movie. It gives you the IMDB ratings, year of release, length of the movie, picture quality of the video, then the brief description of the story line and it doesn’t end there. You can also find the country it originated from and the genres this movie falls under. You get all this information in such a concise manner that it becomes so easy to select the right movie. This way it saves time rather than having to see the movie half way and realize that you did not want to watch it. Almost all movies and series available on the site are of high definition quality. The movies are also classified country wise. So, this is again a unique feature that allows its users to select their intended country and browse the movies without having to deal with movies from countries they don’t know.

Another unique categorization of movies is by top trends, popular, top hot, box office and top favorite. This makes your movie watching experience amazing and you can choose from globally trending movies which are liked and applauded by all. The top favorite has a list of movies like spy who dumped me, boys I have liked before and many more. These original titles are hard to find online and you generally end up seeing spam rather than the actual content you are looking for. So, if you are looking for an easy user interface movie site which gives you options galore then Putlocker is the site for all your entertainment needs.